Energy Efficient AC Tips

Are you melting in your home with an air conditioner that just won’t work right? Do you have to keep it set super low to even get some semblance of cooler air blowing through your home? Well we can help you with that here at 1st Choice! We’ve been looking up some ways that you can keep your house cooler while a) not overworking your AC and b) saving you some incredible pennies on your energy bill. Some suggestions are:

Go Green! No, we don’t mean just finding an energy efficient model air conditioner for your home (although that’s not a bad idea either). We mean to really go green and plant some trees around your house. Most of the heat in your home in the summer is caused by sunlight reflecting through the windows. With your windows closed, it’s like your house is turned into an Easy Bake Oven. Planting trees in strategic places around your house to cover these windows is a great economical way to both save money on your bill, and help the earth. Plus, buying and planting trees is far less expensive than paying an outrageous energy bill at the end of the month.
Fans are Good! Keeping the air flowing in your house is a key way to keeping it cool. If you want cool air to travel through and set a great comfortable setting in your home, keep fans going. This will allow you to move air from a cooler room into the warmer rooms in your home without having to turn up your AC. You don’t need a fancy fan for this either, a simple 20$ box fan from Walmart will do the trick!

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