Heating Maintenance

Installing a new heating system can be very expensive; one way to protect your costly investment in your home is to have annual maintenance performed on your unit. Having annual heating maintenance in Montvale can save you a lot of money. 1st Choice superior technicians can handle all of your heating maintenance needs.

Benefits of Heating Maintenance

Just like your automobile needs an oil change and a tune-up annually, so does your heating system.  A heating system is a piece of machinery that needs to be checked and tuned up to continue to run properly. Having heating maintenance performed in Montvale can extend the life of your heating system. Properly maintained heating systems can last anywhere from 10-15 years. Some benefits of heating maintenance performed by a professional include:

  • Saving Energy. Having a qualified technician inspect your unit to make sure it is running efficiently will decrease the amount of energy used.
  • Reduced repair bills. During heating maintenance technicians can find and repair any small issues before they turn major.
  • Keeping your family safe. Skilled technicians can find cracks in the heat exchanger or issues with the flue system that could allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home.
  • Extending the life of your heating system. Properly maintaining your heating unit will keep it in good working condition, helping to avoid having to replace it prematurely.
  • Comfort control. By having a technician to properly set your thermostat during heating maintenance, it will ensure that your home is the correct temperature for optimal comfort.

The benefits of using a professional to perform your heating maintenance in Montvale are endless. Having a professional from 1st Choice perform work in your home gives you the opportunity to have a knowledgeable technician answer all your questions and address any of your concerns regarding your unit.