Keep Heat This Winter

With Autumn here and Winter approaching, it’s time to seal up your home to make sure that all heat stays inside and doesn’t sneak its way outside. Similarly, you want to make sure that the cold winter air stays outside and doesn’t seep through your walls cooling your home unpleasantly. 1st Choice has come up with some tips to help keep the heat in your home without overdoing it or any exorbitant costs on your part. Any repairs or maintenance that you need can be done by our expert and top-of-the-line technicians, but these small tasks are simple and easy to do on your own.

  1.       Chimney Heat Loss – If you don’t have a chimney, you’re lucky. These buggers can let in quite a bit of the cold if they aren’t sealed up properly when not in use. If you have a chimney, you want to make sure that you close the flue, use a chimney balloon, or (if you use your chimney frequently) put up a glass barrier to help keep the heat in and keep it from escaping up the chimney after the fire dies down.
  2.       Drafts – You want to keep an eye on where drafts are coming from and seal them up. To help with finding them, you can light a candle and walk around your house, stopping in suspect areas to hold the flame still. If the flame moves while it is sitting still, you know you have a draft and you can take measures to seal it up tight.

Having an emergency with your heating unit? Contact 1st Choice immediately and we’ll send our emergency crew to your doorstep immediately to help out. We are open 24/7, so no matter when the emergency strikes, we are here to handle it.

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