Protecting Your Pipes During the Colder Months

A little planning before the cold season arrives can save you in frustration and money. During the winter months, people experience problems with their pipes bursting. You never know when this could happen to you. If it does, it can cause you a great deal of frustration and set you back financially from damages. However, you can do things to avoid such an occurrence from happening to you.


What You Can Do Now:

o   Open up the cabinet doors throughout your home for heat circulation.
o   Make sure the temperature remains set around 68° or higher.
o   Have your pipes insulated that are closest to the exterior walls.
o   Weather seal all of your windows.
o   When you plan on being away from home for longer than a day or two, turn off your water valves that extend to the washing machine.
o   Insulate any areas of your home where heat is limited.
o   Keep open-air vents closed and sealed.

There are also some ways to identify the potential for your pipes to freeze and some precautions you can take. Take note of the following:

o   Be aware of any faucets where the water flow is reduced.
o   Keep an eye on the condition of the pipes near exterior walls. They do not get heat and can easily freeze if not insulated or wrapped.
o   Let faucets drip a bit of lukewarm water when freezing temperatures outside.
o   Check the water pressure of your faucets more frequently during the colder months.
o   Close off any places where air drafts enter the home, such as a chimney chute.

In the unfortunate event that you experience a busted pipe contact your nearest 1st Choice Plumbing service provider. We offer emergency services whenever you need our assistance.