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Oil to Gas Conversion


Oil to Gas Conversion

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Heat is expensive, there’s really no way around it. Heating your home in the winter, especially for those of us who live in the northern states, can turn a simple commodity into a wrathful dragon greedy for all things shiny. This is especially true for people who are using oil to heat their homes. Heating costs can run upwards of two-thousand dollars in just the winter months for those using oil, not counting the cold days that come before and after. Understandably, this makes heating very costly, very quickly. Another option that a person usually has are electric or propane heaters, but even those can get costly fast, especially if you’re in an area where you use heat frequently. Most Americans count on their oil to come from overseas. This means that the market can be very competitive, which drives the point that it makes sense to switch to natural gas – especially when you realize that 97% of the natural gas harvest is right here in the US.

Oil to Gas Conversion

Another reason to consider switching to natural gas is environmental. By switching to natural gas, you would be helping cut the CO2 and sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. This means that the carbon footprint that your home or business makes on a regular basis is cut down. In fact, it cuts it down so much that it’s like taking six cars off the road – imagine, one house is equivalent to six cars. It adds up fast, and in a good way! So, what can you do?

Consider switching from oil to natural gas for keeping your home heated. 1st Choice Plumbing can help with your conversion from oil to gas in New Jersey. With oil costing from 30%-50% more than natural gas, the best thing to do is to convert your home, or business, to a better solution. 1st Choice Plumbing can help with your oil to gas conversion with competitive prices and knowledgeable technicians trained to put your budget and comfort first. While most streets are equipped with gas mains now, yours might not. Even if you don’t, it’s not hopeless. Consider rallying your street and neighbors with you to convert your houses to gas; by working together you can typically convince the local utility company to install a gas main.

From there, 1st Choice Plumbing can help you continue to save money by supplying you with a comprehensive list of companies who sell and work with high efficiency natural gas utilities. While first looking at the costs of changing over to natural gas, it is good to remember that even converting to a high efficiency oil heating unit would end up costing twice as much. 1st Choice Plumbing can help keep the costs low with fast work, quality work, and a good eye for keeping your budget the driving factor behind everything they do. We can help convert your home from a gas-guzzling, CO2 monster to a more efficient, better budgeted, and safer natural gas component.

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